Should You Turn Your AC Off When You Leave Your Home?

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Do you have to spend loads of money to keep your house comfortable during the summer? Sure, you’ve heard that you’re supposed to turn your AC off during the day, but when you get home from work after your house has sat in the heat all day, it can be unbearable: not to mention the buildup of moisture in the air due to the lack of dehumidification from your AC unit.

Everyone is unique, so there is no true answer to when you should run your AC except where your priorities lie.

This blog will cover if you should keep your AC turned off when you’re out, if it’s safe to keep it running and what we recommend for AC unit usage and repair.

Is it safe to run the AC all Day?

It can feel dangerous to leave appliances running while you’re away. Leaving any appliance running can feel like a no-no, whether it’s the dryer, dishwasher or your HVAC system. You wouldn’t want to unknowingly cause damage to your house by leaving an appliance running; however, is it that dangerous to leave your HVAC system running?

The short answer is: no, it’s not dangerous. It may cause severe damage to your HVAC system. However, when the AC has become set to a cooler temperature, the fan is not blowing constantly. The system will turn on and off as needed to maintain the temperature in your home.

The only real risks are higher energy bills, wear and tear on your HVAC System and more chance of an AC malfunction.

Will it save you money?

The argument with this topic lies in the fact that whenever you first get home and turn your AC back on after a long hot day, it can feel like a lot of energy to quickly make your AC turn to a very low temperature. Will the AC unit use more energy by turning on and off all day or use more energy by running extra hard for a few hours?

In the long run, the system will work more efficiently if it takes long breaks during the day when you’re not home. The HVAC system will use slightly less energy to cool off your home quickly than it would maintain a cool temperature throughout the entire day. If you want to save money, you can turn down the thermostat roughly 8 to 10° and save almost 10% on your utility bill!

The Downside to Turning Off Your AC

With every debate, there are always two sides to the story. In this situation, there are two downsides to turning your AC off during the day.

First of all, it will get hot. This heat is often unavoidable, especially with rising temperatures.

Secondly, your AC system dehumidifies your house. As many homeowners know, especially in southern states, humidity can cause many problems such as bacteria, mold and other dangerous growth. If you have a problem with humidity in your house, consider a dehumidifier or keep your AC running at a slightly higher temperature to keep the moisture out of your home.

How to save money on Electric Bills

During the summer, all homeowners know that energy bills will spike because of our efforts to keep our houses cool during the sweltering heat. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice more of your paycheck in the summer just to stay comfortable in your own home.

You can try planting more vegetation around your windows to save money on electric bills during the summer. These bushes or trees will block direct sunlight and keep your house much cooler while the sun is out.

Also, you can consider running the ceiling fan to move the air around. Turning on a fan will technically not lower the temperature, but moving air will feel cooler on the skin. Try to balance running ceiling fans and your AC to reach an energy-efficient and comfortable temperature.

We recommend keeping your home at a temperature in the upper 80s. With the work of the AC  blower fan and your ceiling fans, you should find comfort even during the hottest months.

You can also try experimenting with cracking the windows in your house. Don’t open the windows all the way because it will let all kinds of insects into your home, and surprisingly a cracked window will let in a stronger and cooler draft than a wide-open window.

Once you have good air circulation in your home, you should feel cool and comfortable even if the temperature is slightly higher than you’re used to.

Many homeowners are making the switch to Smart thermostats every day. Smart thermostats can change the temperature in your home throughout the day to keep the system working at its most efficiently: even when you’re not there to change the temperature.

Smart thermostats can often pay for themselves in as little as two years

Talk to one of our HVAC experts at Bayside to learn more about a smart thermostat's benefits.

Find Reliable AC Repair in Severna Park

Maybe it feels sweltering, and you haven’t yet adjusted your thermostat to our recommended temperature. This unwarranted heat could be a sign of a malfunctioning HVAC System!

If your AC has gone out or is having trouble calling your home, you may need to find expert repair near you at Bayside. We can help you find the perfect temperature to save money and keep you and your family cool. Contact us today and start saving even when you’re away from home.

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