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Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

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Thorough Air Conditioning Maintenance in Severna Park and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioner Maintenance ServiceCatching minor AC problems before they turn into complex, costly repairs is crucial when it comes to keeping your air conditioning system in good shape.

At Bayside Heating and Cooling, we offer HVAC maintenance agreements that allow our experienced technicians to catch these problems for you, saving you money and keeping your system healthy.

What do maintenance agreements include?

Performed seasonally in the spring, our maintenance agreements ensure that our technicians will:

  • Check the fan compressor and other parts for proper function

  • Check register temperatures for proper cooling

  • Check airflow

  • Consider any concerns you may have and diagnose any issues with your AC

Why do I need regular AC maintenance?

Maintenance may not seem necessary when your AC appears to be working fine, but when a simple problem is left untouched it can quickly become complex and expensive to repair. Why is maintaining your system the smartest decision in the long-term?

  • System longevity-Extend the life of your AC system so you can put off replacing it as long as possible.

  • Save money-Avoid costly repairs in the long term by catching minor repairs now.

  • Maintain efficiency-Keep your AC from driving up your energy costs and enjoy a comfortable home.

  • Avoid breakdowns-Make sure your system doesn’t fail on a hot summer day when you need it most.

Want to know more about air conditioner maintenance?

To learn more about extending the life of your AC, get a price quote, or schedule an appointment, call Bayside Heating and Cooling at 410-544-COOL or fill out a contact form online. Our experienced technicians will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and help keep your comfortable in your home for years to come.







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