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Air Conditioning Repair

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Expert AC Repair for Severna Park, Pasadena and Arnold

Air Conditioning RepairAir Conditioning Repairs

Maryland summers are always hot, sticky and humid. In the heat of summer, having a reliable air conditioning system here is a must.  Bayside Heating and Air Conditioning services and repairs all makes and models of air conditioners.  We are honest, friendly and knowledgeable- all at some of the best values in Anne Arundel County!  Our goal is to arrive promptly when you need us, troubleshoot and provide the most cost-effective repair possible for you and your family.

When Do I Need an AC Repair?

Sometimes necessary repairs are obvious to homeowners, but some minor issues can go unnoticed until they become a real problem. There are warning signs you can look for to make sure you catch these small repairs before they turn into more serious ones.

How do I know when my air conditioning needs repair?

  • Strange noises, odors, or smoke coming from the equipment

  • Visible cracks on equipment, noticeable wear to moving parts, or leaks in ductwork or vents

  • Inconsistent temperatures in different areas of your home or office space

  • Ineffective heating/cooling throughout your home

  • An unexplained rise in your energy costs

  • Your thermostat or any other equipment has stopped responding

  • Poor air quality and an increase in pollutants and contaminants

Taking care of AC minor problems like these before they become major problems ensures that you save money on repairs and get a quicker fix. If you notice any of the warning signs listed above with your air conditioner, give Bayside Heating and Cooling a call and we’ll diagnose the problem, give you a cost effective solution, and make sure you’re staying comfortable in your home.

Have you considered a maintenance agreement?

Most of the repairs we make are found during regularly scheduled maintenance visits. Our experienced technicians are excellent at spotting problems that the average person may not notice. Investing in a maintenance agreement could save you a large sum of money on complex, expensive repairs in the future.

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