8 Consequences of Neglecting AC Maintenance

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HVAC systems are extremely important components of a comfortable, functioning home. Many people take their HVAC systems for granted and assume they will always be there when they are needed. This may be the case if your system is new or well looked after. But if you are not regularly maintaining and repairing your system, you can expect many issues to crop up. When a  professional in HVAC maintenance in Severna Park works on your system, they may notice many potential problems. With AC maintenance services, you can stop minor issues from turning into major ones. If you neglect your maintenance, you may experience one or more of the following:

Expensive Repairs

Nothing may be noticeably wrong with your HVAC system, but preventative maintenance and routine check ups can prevent costly problems from appearing or getting worse. Cleaning your equipment is far more cost effective than replacing it. As a general rule, performing regular maintenance is far more cost effective than constantly shelling out for AC repair services to fix emergency problems as they arise.

System Malfunctions

Many components of a home’s HVAC system have a lifespan that is less than the system as a whole. However, those components are still vital to the system functioning as a whole. These parts can wear out or become damaged over time, unless you receive AC maintenance in Severna. Without maintenance, these individual components can fail and cause the whole system to malfunction. The result is an emergency AC system repair that will cost both time and money.

Risk of Fire

In a home HVAC system, both the heating and cooling components are capable of producing heat. The electrical wiring of your AC can wear down or loosen, causing electrical arcing. This creates a dangerous scenario that may easily be noticed during a routine maintenance check up. In the end, your diligence can prevent a tragedy.

Loss of Efficiency

When your HVAC unit doesn’t receive the necessary maintenance, it loses efficiency dramatically. This is noticeable because the system won’t heat or cool your home in a timely manner. Simple issues cause this inefficiency, but they are issues that a technician should notice during a regularly scheduled check up. If they catch a malfunction before you notice inefficiency, you can prevent excess wear and tear on your system.

Increased Energy Bills

With a loss of heating and cooling efficiency comes an increase in energy bills. When your HVAC system is not working as it should, it takes a longer time to heat or cool your home to the desired temperature. If this is the case, that means the system is working longer and harder than it should, resulting in more power usage. Unfortunately, this is at your expense in the form of higher energy bills. Even something as simple as a dirty air filter could cause the system to need to work that much harder. For the sake of your bank account, you should take care of your system.

Premature Replacement

If problems persist for months or years at a time, then you might need to replace your entire HVAC system. A healthy, well maintained HVAC system has a life expectancy of approximately 15-20 years or more. When you neglect your maintenance, the life expectancy of the system dramatically decreases. In only a short time, you could be searching for AC installation in Severna Park. Entire HVAC system replacements are extremely time consuming, labor intensive and expensive. Because of this, you should take steps to extend the life of your system. One of the best ways to do this is to perform routine maintenance.

Loss of Comfort

Obviously, the most important function of a home’s HVAC system is to keep its occupants comfortable through the heat of summer and cold of winter. A regular maintenance checkup by an AC maintenance services team leaves the HVAC system out of service for mere minutes to hours, depending on the work needed. If there is no routine maintenance , you might be in need of a major repair. The system may be out of commission for days or even weeks, leaving your home’s inhabitants at the mercy of the elements.

Decreased Home Value with No AC Maintenance Services

A properly functioning HVAC system is one of the first things a prospective home buyer looks for in a new home. With proper AC maintenance in Severna on a regular basis, you can keep your home’s system in tip top shape. When it’s time to sell your home, you can get what it’s worth. But, if you neglect your AC, the system could be the reason you experience a decrease in home value.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you don't service HVAC?

If you don’t service your HVAC system, any minor problem that may be lurking will become exponentially worse over time. These problems will eventually lead to efficiency problems, higher energy bills, fire hazards, and even complete breakdown of the entire HVAC system.

Is HVAC repair expensive?

Regular, routine maintenance of HVAC systems is not expensive. For a fair rate, professional technicians will perform preventative maintenance on a regular basis to prevent major issues from occurring. These major issues often demand quite costly repairs that not only are financially draining but also take up a lot of time. There’s also the issue  of comfort , as you have no cooling while you wait for the repair.

Why is HVAC maintenance important?

HVAC maintenance is important because the comfort and safety for your family and everyone in your home is important. Maintaining your HVAC system makes sure that your home is safe from air quality issues and any other problems that can arise from a malfunctioning air system.

Do you need AC maintenance services or have you been neglecting your air conditioner? If so, it’s time to work with a reputable company. Call us at Bayside to learn more about how we can help you. An air conditioning maintenance plan can prevent you from neglecting your AC and dealing with all of the problems that come with it.

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